Games with a cause

Founded in 2019 in Israel, Sealguin Studios creates games that will innovate in content & purpose to bring joy to as many people as possible both in the game & out.


Through a combination of social technologies & innovative business strategy, our games allow the player to support foundations & research groups for the betterment of our planet, just through playing the game itself. 

Join us on our journey. All you need to do is to have fun.

The Team

Oded Ilani

CEO, Director & Lead artist 

Half tall, half goofy- Oded has dealt with art, games & creation as far as he can remember.

He learned animation in Minshar for Arts college and has been an active contributor to the global gaming industry since.

Besides his unique humoristic art style, he tends to be busy planning the next game in the studio and putting as many silly visuals in it as humanly possible.

He is prone to bribery through coffee mugs &  beer pints.

Eliran Hacmon

CTO & Lead Programmer

Hailing from Bat Yam, Eliran Hacmon is a MindCET graduate and an educational gaming veteran.

During his career, Eliran has been a constant participant in industrial undertakings. As a programmer, he is known for creating systems that allow both players to enjoy the games he makes and the development team to have fun creating them. 

When not programming, he tends to do even more puns than you thought possible.

Gal Kfir


As the founder of Wave Interactive & an indie developer for many years, Gal takes to producing swimmingly.  

With a unique perspective & extreme diligence, Gal has proven himself an invaluable asset to the global gaming industry.  All the while he continues the production of another animal-themed game- BUCK: Saturday Morning Cartoon Apocalypse.

For a whale, his response to sweets & beer has proven itself surprisingly positive.

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