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Current version: Android 0.73, PC: 0.54

You are earth and you are AWESOME! you’re full of amazing resources, sights, and wonder.

But out of nowhere, a race of weird creatures known as “Humans” appeared and they are trying to take all of your awesome things- water, minerals, you name it.

You have the power to change that!

At your disposal is nature in all of its glory. Use it to put those Humans in their place!

Your buddies!

During your encounters, you will unravel natures might and it's many faces.


From Terrains that will give you energy, support & unbeatable defenses, through Animals including predators, vermins and many fluffy creatures and all the way to Disasters that like nothing more than to see humans panic.

Your ability to adjust and manage these forces of nature will determine the planet's fate! No pressure...

Your-Not- Buddies

Wherever there is the wonder of nature- there will be humans trying to take it.


You better stop them before they cause some serious damage, but that will not be easy.


Humans are cunning, adaptive and really stubborn creatures. They also have a knack for inventing new technologies over time to make your job even harder!

At least they make for good food.

But wait, theres more!

Planet Defense is not only a game about earth, but it's also actually a way to help make it better while playing.


When you are playing Planet Defense, we work on allocating resources to support our environment. The only thing you need is to play & have fun.

Wanna hear more? Reach out in the CONTACT page and we will be more than happy to let you in on our vision.

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