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Press Kit

Company Overview

Sealguin studios was founded in 2019 with the aim to create games that can allow you to support environmental & social causes as you play.

We believe that games are a powerful medium for change and more then just entertainment.

Our players' free time is a comoditiy worthy of respect and trust - which is why we want our customers to know that by simply spending their time and having fun in Sealguin's ecosystem, they are actively helping to engage with positive change for our planet. 

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Education, donation
and environmental action:

We believe in improving our environment through fun and play!

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Why Sealguin?

Oded Ilani

CEO & Art director


I founded Sealguin Studios with a clear vision in mind - Making games that allow people to support important causes while having fun!


We at Sealguin Studios believe that changing our world for the better is possible, but a paradigm shift is required. One of the first steps to do so is to mitigate the fear in approaching difficult subjects such as the climate crisis. 

Making the process to be as simple and accessible as much as possible and most importantly - fun, was the answer I found. Especially as someone who has trouble getting into this kind of activity myself.

The studio's second goal in doing so is to mend some of the damage done to the medium of gaming, especially in the field of mobile games. By designing our games with respect to our players first, we allow them to do good to themselves and the world around them through the medium

So when asked why Sealguin Studios was founded, my shorter answer:

Because someone had to do it.

Brand assets

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Download our business pager to read more:

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